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up!SWING is a comprehensive learning journey designed to help young women professionals in India with upto 5 years of work experience reach their full potential and build a successful career.

  • Combines virtual and in-person sessions, corporate workshops, and 4 hours of classroom sessions

  • Includes assignments, group coaching, and one-on-one coaching opportunities

  • It aims to address the declining contribution of Indian women to the formal economy and the significant wage gap between men and women

  • Strives to increase women’s participation in the workforce to 50% and achieve earnings parity

The program is an initiative of XL4W and CGEIL, organizations dedicated to increasing women's participation in the workforce and supporting women leaders. With 91% of women surveyed expressing interest in the program, up!SWING has a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on young women's careers and contribute to India's thriving economy.

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