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What is up!SWING ? How is it unique?

Unlock your full potential with the comprehensive up!SWING program for young women professionals in India

The collective of professionals that have crafted and curated the program.


up! SWING is a mentorship program to help young women professionals (<5 years work experience) in India reach their full potential. Towards achieving this objective up! SWING will help young women develop attitudes and skills to become empowered professionals because a solid foundation is the best preparation for success. This learning journey, in collaboration with CGEIL & XL4W, aims to work with women early in their careers. The program will inspire, prepare and support them in their career journey to the top, and provoke them to think about themselves and fulfil their aspirations with confidence and courage.

The program aims to -

  • Help them navigate the workplace dynamics better

  • Seek out role models, mentors, advocates and champions early

  • Consciously work not to let hidden and unconscious biases hold them back from realising their potential early 

  • Building resilience and agility early on to navigate life events while balancing out career demands 

  • Cultivate a life-long learner view to remain relevant in a rapidly evolving world of work 

Up! SWING is a three-week journey with three half-day virtual learning eventsFor nominations, please write to


The learning events will comprise of:


Inspiring sessions with diverse speakers and panels

Immersive and engaging activities for self-reflection

Mentoring by accomplished corporate leaders

Facilitated small group discussions for meaningful sharing and networking

The intervening weeks between the learning events will trigger reflection and action planning, using curated resources and tools. 

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Meet the Team

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