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Alumni Involvement

Have you ever thought about the gender imbalance in the workforce?
Do you think something needs to be done to change this?
Do you want to take action to drive this change, but wonder what and how much you can do individually?

XLRI - CGEIL and XL4W bring you a platform for collective action, a movement with a bold and long-term vision to change and upscale the participation of women in the workforce in our country.


You can get involved in ideation, research, designing programs, core teams for execution, fund-raising, bringing in participants, and so much more.

Individual Learning Pledge

We encourage each participant in the program to take their own leadership pledge which will be documented right at the start. This leadership pledge will evolve into a cohort-driven action plan where each member will define for themselves what women in leadership mean to them and take ownership for an initiative that they will lead. Every participant will be encouraged to actively recruit more participants and will deliver a paid-forward workshop as well.

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